Whats in a name?

Why BrightSide Art?

The main inspiration behind BrightSide as a name for my business was, I often felt like I was always looking to the “other side”, you know, the one where the grass is always greener? The BrightSide where good shit happens to people, everyone is stoked & people don’t have to feel like they are wasting their life.


It got to a point for me where I simply said “fuck this. I don’t want to look on the BrightSide anymore! I want to BE THERE!” – so I made some serious life choices, I did some evaluating and came out with my art & creativity. So it made perfect sense that I put a reminder in my face every day that no matter what – I can choose live my life on The BrightSide.


Even those shitty hard days, when clients don’t pay, or jobs fall through, or simply my art doesn’t work they way I want it to. I remember that it's still my choice to live my life on The BrightSide and my purpose is to help inspire others to do the same.


So that’s why I sign my name as Kyle BrightSide, that’s  why my favourite art to create is bright, bold & fun art that simply makes people smile as it takes you back to a time or place when you were happiest.


Stay rad!