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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
Better Then a Billboard!

Better Then a Billboard!

Professional art, better than a billboard! My business cards say it, I often talk about It on social media & to clients and businesses.


So honest question – how many of you actually pay attention & remember information presented to you via a billboard or store sign on the street? … Not many? Yeah nah, me either! Honestly I only really remember billboards or store signs because it’s a “man … I could do something SO MUCH COOLER there for them!” kind of reaction.


So for hospitality businesses like cafes, bars, back packers, etc… pretty much anyone wanting to stand out & attract more customers to you (so EVERY FUCKING BUSINESS!) … pay attention here: Billboards/ Signs … they are great Branding. BUT. They are NOT everything!

See your brand, its what you decide to present to people – colours, font, style, etc – and everyone is sold on the success of Branding from multi billion dollar companies like McDonalds & their “M” logo, or Starbucks and their shade of green and that weird is-it-a-mermaid-whats-that-got-to-do-with-coffee logo. But you aren’t a multi-million dollar company? You don’t have millions of dollars to spend on marketing, franchises or any of that. So why try beat the big players at a game designed so you lose?


So what attracts people through your door? Can I tell you something? Without knowing your business, or even your customers – I KNOW what attracts them through your door, is you!

No one goes into business for themselves without a PASSION for what they do – you don’t open a café if you don’t FUCKING LOVE good coffee. You don’t open a bar if you don’t FUCKING LOVE showing people a good time & helping them create memories. The reason you decided to go into business for yourself, was because you knew you have something special to give people, your customers & your community. That’s your story. That’s your vibe – and THAT’S what attracts people through your doors.


So what’s any of that got to do with art? Because that’s what art IS! It’s an expression – use art to share your stories with your customers & community. I listen to your story & I listen to the vibe & energy & story you want to share with your community (and it definitely isn’t anything to do with the type of food you might serve, or the name/ logo of your bar) – People buy from PEOPLE. And your story & vibe is unique & special to you and that’s what my art does. I capture your story, your vibe & create art that shares this with the wider community. But it does so much more  

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