My first blog post, and where is the best place to start but at the beginning – the why. Why I chose to walk away from a secure, well paying job as an Event Manager running some of Australia’s largest fundraising events around the country, to pursue a career around my art. Essentially it all comes down to wanting to use my art, my own creativity to help inspire others to explore their own path – explore their own passions and hopefully, in some way, inspire others to follow their own creativity and express themselves.


I grew up skateboarding through the streets of Melbourne, spending Summers down the coast swimming & surfing in the ocean. I grew up around Surf & Skate Culture & adore the community of expression and support it shows others. I love that skateboarding in my teen years taught me so much about accepting everyone for their differences, being individual, sharing your own expression and above all being creative AF! Everything about skateboarding taught me to see the world differently, and being exposed to some of Melbourne’s thriving street art community helped grow my ideas around what art is, what it means to freely express yourself.


I never really grew out of my love for skateboarding & the community. The history behind skateboarding as a sport & the personalities that paved the way. I love the artists that started the revolution of skateboard graphics & grew the role of art in skateboarding. I listen to music that has roots in the skate & surf cultures. And at the end of the day, everything I paint & create is about connecting with people like myself who still have a love for skate & surf culture, the community that supports itself & local grass roots movements, and the drive to simply have some fun in the surf or on a board. We are the kids that never really grew up.


This is why I create the art I do. This is why I left my previous job to put all my time, effort & life into my art. Its a risky move. But its what I love. It’s more than a job for me, its contributing to a culture that has given me so much & I hope I can return something back.


So stay tuned, my goal is to keep weekly blog posts coming up! So if you like my story, if you vibe with my art, keep following my social media, share my art around (it truly makes such a massive impact to allow me to continue to create) and I'll keep posting cool art & my ideas that are behind each piece.


Stay Rad.