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Creative Sparks Projects

Creative Sparks Projects is an initiative with a mission to revitalise community spaces and install large scale works of art on surfaces in order to strengthen communities, improve public facilities, encourage multi-generational play, and inspire people to think more critically and creatively about their environment.


By reconnecting young people to their communities through art, equality and creativity my Creative Sparks Projects offer benefits to various communities around Australia. Including offering opportunities to re-engage with young people who may be disengaged from their community or schooling, offer wider community benefit from public art that has strong local connection to their community, and of course the benefit to private organisations looking to bring more value and constructive, creative programs to communities around Australia.

Creative Sparks Projects revitalises a diverse array of community facilities like skate parks, basketball courts & community HUBs. This is important to show inclusiveness for young people in Australia and provide opportunities for young people to contribute to their communities in unique & positive ways. Creative Sparks Projects offer, through hosting workshops, talks & mentorships with young people in the community, a hands-on process for young people to direct and feel a part of the process of creating artwork that will be present in their community.

These Projects are structured to ensure young people feel a strong sense of contribution & are proud of their inclusion in the local community.

Creative Sparks Projects is founded through sponsorships, grants, donations and of course my time and energy to contribute something that is far more than "just another mural". Because of this I am always looking for other brands, companies and council organisations that share the same values and feel a strong connection to our mission for Creative Sparks Projects. If you would like to get involved or sponsor and contribute to the running of our Creative Sparks Projects, please reach out and we can chat about how Creative Sparks Projects can be shared and bring value to your organisation.

There are various ways sponsoring a Creative Sparks Project can bring value to your organisation:

  • Providing branding for your company as a community minded organisation that values the contribution young people can have to their communities.
  • Offering the association with your brand/ company and community projects that are revitalising public facilities for the benefit of the wider community.
  • Positive presence, PR and reputation within communities for giving back in ways that engage with young people.
  • Organic reach into authentic, family friendly & community minded audiences via social media, email database and real world interactions (think branding on signage & presence in conversations with the local communities!).

I would like to thank all the supporters of Creative Sparks Projects so far: UniPro Australia, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Dulux, Dickies Australia, SIN Eyewear, JBL & Undefeater.

If you would like to support the next Creative Sparks Projects or if you have a community or facility you think we could bring some love to - reach out to me here and let's chat about it!