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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

Murals for Schools

The best school environments are engaging spaces that inspire & encourage students to seek information & express themselves honestly.

Environments that are bright, open & fun bring a sense of joy to school & encourage students to embrace their creative side & feel confident to share their own personalities in unique ways.

Murals are perfect to capture school values, celebrate the Australian culture and environment, and provide positive hands on experiences for students to make a lasting contribution to their school community.


From revitalising old tired school buildings to freshly renovated facilities, indoors or outdoors - Mural artwork is great to engage students & inspire them to connect to your schools community values and truly embody them in their daily educational activities.

School Mural Programs for your school.

I offer a fully encapsulated experience through my School Mural Program that provide a series of workshops for students to collaborate on mural designs, learn about art & creativity as a professional career and includes sessions to explore their creativity as well as hands on sessions to contribute to painting the schools new mural!


I have worked with young people and students of all ages for years and specialise in using my art & creative mind to connect with students & encourage them to explore their own sense of creativity & self expression and subtlety guide them in understanding how this links to their everyday life and future opportunities.