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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

BrightSide Story

Our mission at BrightSide Art is to inspire creativity and imagination in the next generation. We do this through embodying our values of providing an awesome quality product, great value for money and excellent customer service. 


My style is best known for my bright, bold and fun designs that capture that quintessential surf & skate culture.... And if thats as far as your read today, it pretty much sums me up!

If you want to hear more about my story, I've taken the time to bash out a few words for you.
As a kid I grew up skateboarding, surfing, riding my BMX around the streets and loved road trips around Australia. Being around skateboarding exposed me to a crazy, colourful & unapologetic world of skateboard graphics and street art. After failing art in high school I went to University and promptly found out exactly what I did NOT want to do with my life. I worked my way into the Events Industry and managed some awesome events around Australia before transitioning into non-profit/ community events where I enjoyed running some of Australia’s leading fundraising events and campaigns. I loved being able to contribute to the community in such a positive way. After almost 15 years in the Events Industry I decide to quit and pursue my art as a full time career.
I have 2 dogs (Bella and Peggy), my gorgeous partner Cash and our first son Hendrix. We live by the bay just south of Melbourne and love spending time outdoors and in the ocean. From early morning swims, surfing and spear fishing to hiking and camping - nature and the ocean play a huge role in our family life.
I’ve been stoked to travel and work in Los Angeles in 2019, leave my art on walls all around Australia and work with some awesome clients.

So thanks so much for taking the time, I hope I’ve at least entertained you a bit and my art can bring a smile to your face!

Stay rad!