Brightside Story

Kyle Brightside is a self-taught artist known for creating bright, bold and FUN art that captures Summer time vibes. Kyle specialises in large format canvas & mural work as well as skateboard and surfboard art.

Kyle’s mission is to inspire creativity, good vibes & encourage people to express and share their own stories.


“I grew up skateboarding through the streets of Melbourne and my love for how skateboarding encourages you to see the world differently defined my approach to art. It was what first showed me how to share my own view of the world around me creatively. Also being surrounded by Melbourne’s vibrant street art scene inspired my use of bright colours to develop my personal style & create fun art through bold lines and bright colours.

I worked a ‘traditional’ job managing large-scale fundraising events & campaigns, but I needed to create constantly to feel fulfilled. Since moving to the bayside suburbs & quitting my day job, my love for the surf lifestyle and connection to the ocean has grown. My dedication to hard work & passion for creativity has seen my art style develop quickly to reflect bright, bold & fun designs inviting a sense of Summer, creativity and a fun way to share my view of the world.

I believe the best thing about art is it inspires and encourages creativity in all areas of our lives. It helps us connect with our community, share our stories with each other and open our minds to new creative opportunities".


Kyle has a unique & bright view on the world around him, allowing him to visualize artworks to tell creative stories to bring community & culture together.

Kyle’s artwork creates an instant bond to creativity. Being sensitive to stories around him, he is able to use his art to illustrate these & recreate bold and fun energy that will bring a smile to your face.

Kyle is available for commission works big or small, live painting at events & functions, and specially love painting BIIIG murals.

Kyle Brightside

Mobile: 0413 847 786