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What this means to me.

What this means to me.

Probably one of my favorite mural artworks I’ve created. It was 100% my art, every aspect of it & every brick covered in paint just the way I saw it in my head.

I was, and still am, immensely proud because this is my style of art truly, passionately and authentically, on display for the world to see. 

Sadly it only lasted a short time before being tagged over. I’m not one to bitch and cry about it (too much! 😂 ... ok so I did bitch & cry for a little bit) because it’s the nature of street art - it’s not going to last forever. And it shouldn’t. 

But it was a big eye opener because it tore me apart when I first saw it - this kid had no idea how fucking hard I worked to get this mural done, the hours, the energy the effort I put in! And to be tagged by some quick crappy throw up, zero artistic sense & no can control at all! It felt like a massive soft dick, slapped in my face.

But the lessons to take away, is I’m still fucking proud to have created it & shared it with my community, I’d still paint the same way every time - No cheap tag can take that away.

I put in everything I had into this artwork - No cheap tag can take that away.

I put in the work & the effort & showed my artistic vision in its purity to the world. And no cheap tag can take that away.

Sometimes it’s about the process to really create something that is 100% you. You need to feel so connected to the work that no matter what you win. If it sells or doesn't, if people love it or hate it, if it lasts a lifetime or a just day, it doesn’t matter because the real “win” comes in the act of persevering and completing your work. Exactly how you saw it in your head. Expressing your passion through creativity in a genuine & authentic way that speaks to you.

For me that is what this mural represents. Me showing the world MY art. Showing the world what I CAN do. And hopefully finding people who connect with my passion & see the value in my art. 

No cheap tag can take that away from me.


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