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I started this post while sitting in a rainforest, about an hour outside of Byron Bay and thinking "it's about time for another blog post". But I got stuck and didn't get past the title.

After some time off, back to working on some of my own projects and painting for my own love again. I had this realisation that it doesn't matter about skill or talent or "natural ability" ... it all comes down to passion.

If you are passionate about what you do, you will always find a way to continue on your path. Passion will lead to determination, determination will lead to opportunities and a hard work ethic will make the most of those opportunities, more so than talent or "natural ability" your effort counts.

I work with a bunch of youth groups and secondary schools running creative & art workshops and often have students & people asking how I got started as an artist. It wasn't something I've studied for my whole life, being an artist wasn't really a game plan until it was. I knew I loved being creative in every area of my life, I love being the one who gets to make decisions and take risks and I love more than anything doing what I'm passionate about and seeing the results of MY effort.

So my answer always sounds over simplified - I made it happen, because I just decided to. I pitch and email and call and meet people & businesses. I make opportunities by offering something unique that I'd love to do and see value for others to enjoy. And I keep doing this, day in day out, because perseverance will MAKE opportunities - and my passion will make the most of these opportunities.

My mission is to use my own story, my art, as a way to inspire others to look into their life and see their passion - to give them energy and confidence to pursue their own passions & express themselves in their own way - to really enjoy their own life on their terms. 

We have enough people happy to walk the path most followed, to maintain the status-quo and to simply punch a time card. We need more people doing their own thing, following their passion and bringing their own unique light to brighten up the world.

Passion is all it takes.

Passion is worth more than talent.

Passion is EVERYTHING.


Stay Rad!


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