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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
The question: "Why do I need professional art?"

The question: "Why do I need professional art?"

My favourite thing about creating professional, creative & bold mural art - is the huge benefits I see businesses gain when they invest in growing their business sustainably. If you’ve ever grabbed a coffee with me, you’ll know I will get side tracked walking into businesses with blank or plain walls to chat about how art could grow their business & benefit their customer base. 

The most common question I hear from small business owners – “Why do I need professional art on my wall?”. Well let me tell you.

These are my TOP THREE benefits to businesses having professional mural art:

  •  FIRST) Art is the oldest form of communication – it literally shares your story, your passions & in many of my clients’ cases, their business passion with the world & their local community.


  • SECOND) Attention! In today’s world we literally cannot walk down the street, drive a block or hang on the beach with mates without seeing at least 3 billboards screaming advertisements at you. So for small business what this means is your front sign, a blank wall with your café logo or bar name on it – it simply isn’t grabbing anyone’s attention. And its definitely not going to help get more people through your door. A mural on your wall will instantly break the “trance” people have when they walk down the street because it's something different, unexpected. Murals also give people a very good reason to look at your business, remember & absorb your message. And with fantastic artwork you also get the bonus feature of becoming the perfect backdrop for that Instagram selfie. Ahh don’t scoff, you know the value of those insta-famous people tagging your business as their morning coffee or sharing their favourite bar for a Saturday night. That stuff breaks through into organic attention and is worth far more then a billboard with your name on it.


  • THIRD) As humans we are very much social creatures, we bond & connect with our local community. As small businesses this is so critical to connect with your local community because they will be your life blood, they will come back to buy a coffee every morning or hold their Friday night drinks at your venue. How you contribute back to your community & the extra value you bring them (outside your fantastic hair cuts or excellent cycle repairs) will drastically impact how your business grows. Artwork contributes to the local community atmosphere & vibe, it shows pride in the community & people appreciated when businesses make the effort to raise the aesthetics of the local area.

Now, the second question I hear after chatting to businesses. “Why do you charge so much? I know a kid that loves to draw s/he would do it for nothing!”. To this I have two points.

First: Good work ain’t cheap & cheap work ain’t good. We know this from those cheap and nasty eBay purchases that break after a few seconds, or just aren’t exactly what you thought they were? Yeah, that’s cheap work. Artwork is no different, good work will cost you, cheap work will cost you more down the track!

Secondly: As a professional artist, this is what I do. All day every day I paint, work with other professionals, create art & produce incredible results for my clients. When you hire a professional artist you are getting exactly that. A professional. We can collaborate properly with you to listen & hear your passion, your story & what you want to share with the world through your business. And we can take that passion & turn it into completely unique, totally you and 100% original artwork that will not only bring you all the benefits listed above, but will also continue to give you something totally unique to you.

Professional public art has its place in the community & business. Its all just a question about whether you want to reap the benefits of unique artwork … or not?

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