Engagement for Events of every kind.

In a past life, not too long ago I used to run major fundraising events on behalf of some of Australia’s leading non-profit organizations. These events included music festivals, cycling events, running/ walking events, gala dinners, water sport events and just about everything in between.


The biggest thing I excelled at was using my creative thinking to create experiences that were new, exciting & able to connect with the community of participants/ attendees. Because when you are creating and managing an event – you are looking to provide an experience to people – something they can’t download, they can’t stream from NetFlix – They NEED to get out and be a part of it to enjoy the experience! It’s what makes a truly great event is providing an experience people can’t enjoy anywhere else. This is what I share with my event manager mates I still have contact with, what BrightSide Art can bring to the events world is undeniably valuable – it’s a creative experience many participants & attendees can’t get anywhere else!


Live art demonstrations, art workshops, live mural art – gives your next event an incredible creative vibe. It opens people up and creates an atmosphere for engaging attendees, for conversations to start & of course for a little insight into how creativity is applied across projects (hugely valuable for business conventions!).


So what’s special about your event? Where can you add engagement to your next convention? And the biggest question – Do you want your next event to be remembered, or to simply fade into the events calendar each year?


Not sure on how art can be beneficial to your next event, but keen to do something different & unique? Send me a message or email me brightsideartstudio@gmail.com and lets have the conversation, an obligation free brainstorm session!