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Why a gym NEEDS artwork & murals to grow.

Why a gym NEEDS artwork & murals to grow.

If you've got a gym, you NEED statement artwork on your walls. You NEED to scream your passion & values from the floor to the roof! And you definitely do NOT need to have your logo slapped everywhere. And here is why....

Gym owners are some of the most passionate people I’ve worked with. To spend your time motivating & inspiring people to improve themselves, eat healthier, embrace exercise and invest in themselves requires high levels of passion and dedication.

Because of this, you have an awesome story to share with your community – WHY do you choose to spend your life inspiring people to be healthier, happier and look after themselves?

This is something only you can answer, its your unique story to share – its what sets your gym a part from others and it is what attracts clients & members to you. You need to SHARE your story, what inspires you everyday, if you want more people to connect & become a member of your gym.

My work, creating art and murals, is about listening & understanding your story and creating art work that will help share what inspires YOU with your members, motivate them to push themselves and essentially grow your business by attracting the right members through your door. 

To put it simply, a blank wall will not inspire your community. A wall with simply your logo on it, (while it might be good branding) isn’t going to inspire people to push through when they hit their wall. And it definitely isn’t going to get people to continue to come back to you session after session. Art that shares your story & connects with your community will.

Never under estimate the power of your story in motivating your members, after all, its why they signed up with you in the first place & get fantastic results!

Stay rad!

PS - This mural here. I was briefed to turn a blank wall approximately 10m long x 4m high, into something that would motivate members to really push through their walls. Something members could use as a mantra when they were working out. 

After conversations with the owner, who is a huge Daft Punk fan, and wanted to turn the outdoor area into a ninja warrior style course. We decided to take the popular lyrics "Harder, better, faster, stronger" and use this as a workout mantra. Using the Daft Punk helmets and ninja bodies to draw the link between the owners favourite band and his passion for his gym. We even used the splash of orange to connect back to the gyms branding colours as well.

Its about sharing an element of yourself, in a unique way that your members can see the authenticity & use as motivation in their work out.

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