Community Art: Proof it brings benefit

I've been speaking to a lot of local businesses lately, cafes, bars, stores, even offices and commercial estates. All looking for ways to try and thrive through our current state.

The advice I give them, because I've seen the immense value first hand - is to give back to your community, give them something everyone can enjoy & appreciate and from that, you will benefit from & be able to grow your business.

Proof? Well I recently completed a mural on the exterior fence for a client, no business. A residential home of a local family that simply wanted to bring some positivity, bright colours & good vibes to the local area. We designed an idea that would aim to give kids & passers by the ability to take photos & interact with the mural as well as use bright colours to really make people smile when they saw it.

To date the owners have received dozens of messages, letters and comments from people passing by & even people traveling to the area specifically to see the artwork and appreciate & enjoy it. The family only wanted to bring some joy & art to the local community.

I think this shows you, as a member of local community, your business is noticed. And its always beneficial for a business to bring joy to the locals. Imagine people coming into your business to express their joy & appreciation for the art on your walls, or people emailing you thanking you for contributing in a positive way to the local community. Surely those interactions have benefit for your business? It may not be a direct sale, but you will be first in peoples minds for recommendations to friends or family, you will be their first option and you will stand out in a positive way in the local community.

Remember, having a positive presence to be noticed & stand out in your community - its not about simply having your logo or "brand" on the walls. Its about unique, bold artwork that connects with the local people. Trust me, with this they will remember you, with your logo they will not.