Retail is DEAD! Online is the new brick & Mortar.

Ok hands up, who has heard this? 🖐 

But the truth is, brick and mortar retail isn’t dead. And online retail isn’t the only way to make sales. The clever people who can combine online presence with a brick and mortar store are the ones killing it! Experiential retail is replacing traditional retail - location/ exposure isn’t as relevant anymore if you can provide an experience your community can’t get anywhere else. Share this experience with them via social media and make it attractive for them and they will come to you.

I’m no retail expert, but as an observer I see holes that can be filled with good marketing & great art. I’m lucky to have a number of clients in the retail sector and the e-commerce sector and the ones that are killing it are the ones who offer a physical IRL (in real life) experience to their community (note: not CUSTOMERS but their COMMUNITY) and provide the avenue for their community to share this IRL experience via social media platforms. People love the convenience of online shopping, however EVERYONE is looking for a reason to get out into the world, find something unique & share it with their online community. The reason social media is so big is because it's a platform to share real life experiences. It doesn't work without real life!

But it’s not enough to simply have a physical location - you need to provide experiences that will make people WANT to visit you. My expertise is in creating artwork to bring a unique creative energy into the environment so when your customers come to your store they are immersed in your energy and brand story. I provide amazing photo opportunities that will create the backdrops for your community to take those photos in front of, share them to social media & tag your location. This organic social media presence is key, because your brand is then able to share & publicly acknowledge and thank your community supporters online - because everyone wants to be “instagram famous”.

An online presence needs to have the IRL element to be successful, it has to be organic for people to get involved - and this is why art is far more impactful for your business over simply having logos around or doing sales or online promotions. Think long term, about the energy & experience you want your community to enjoy and reach out to me, and let's discuss how art can help create that experience for your community.

Your physical location IS important, but it's more important to ensure you are making the most of it with your community.