Case Study - MyBlu NZ booth at Vape Expo 2019 Auckland

Case Study - MyBlu NZ booth at Vape Expo 2019 Auckland

When: December 2019

Client: Traffik Group

Mission: To revitalise MyBluNZ brand for a younger/ cooler demographic and create a memorable experience MyBlu customers can enjoy and engage with and provide a free unique gift they can take home with them.

Scope of Work: Create three different artworks that can be reproduced on small MyBlu vinyl skins. Artwork had to be bright, bold & engage with a younger, hip demographic. Artwork was sealed with a clear coat to allow for longevity and applied onto MyBlu products once completed.

Medium: All artworks were created before the Expo in Auckland on canvas to allow MyBlu customers to see the art and engage with Kyle to chat about designs.

Artwork was then created with acrylic paint marker pens - non-messy, have no smell and take up very little space.

Results: Attendees could not walk past the MyBlu booth without being drawn into the booth to see the bright, bold & fun artwork from Kyle and ask “what’s going on here!?”. Everyone loved the idea of having a custom, hand painted skin made just for them to put on their brand new MyBlu product. Kyle was able to connect with customers, attendees & buyers alike by sharing stories behind his artwork, technics and skills and his personal story to becoming a full time, travelling artist. This was perfect to break the ice & create a friendly & relaxed environment for the MyBlu Team to engage with potential customers and buyers for their products.