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Case Study - The Drop Festival w/ WSL Rip Curl Pro, Torquay

Case Study - The Drop Festival w/ WSL Rip Curl Pro, Torquay

Case Study - The Drop Festival w/ WSL Rip Curl Pro, Torquay.

When: April 2018 & 2019

Client: The Drop Festival

Mission: To showcase the art connected to Surf Culture. And create an engaging, exciting & uniquely “surf” art space for festival goers to enjoy & interact with the artwork & artists.

Scope: Curate & manage an engaging & exciting Art Zone at The Drop Festival, 2018 & 2019.

Background: The Drop Festival is a travelling music festival that works closely with the World Surf League Australian tour competition stops. Since the first year of the festival operating Kyle has been contracted to create art zones that offer surf related art demonstrations to engage with the patrons, offer an exciting & fun element to the event and share the connection between creative expression through art and the surf culture community.

Medium: Artworks were created with acrylic paint marker pens - non-messy, have no smell and take up very little space, onto recycled surfboards Kyle sourced specifically for the events. 

Live: “Festivals are awesome environment, but sometimes attendees need a break from the bar cues or live music. Art is an awesome break up from the main stage and The Drop Festival I created a relaxed & chilled zone were festival goers could hang out, want & chat with me about painting surfboards, paint markers used & how to protect the artwork once its finished. People love to see & experience something unique when they go to festivals, so was cool seeing a few people giving surfboard painting a go & even using some of my finished surfboards as props for photos!”

Interested to chat about live art, temporary art installations & the benefits art can have for your next event? Email me HERE - Open to all Australian & International clients! I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world working with a diverse range of clients and creative briefs - so shoot me an email and lets chat if my style of bright, bold, Californian lifestyle art will suit your next project.

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