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Case Study: Mose & Co. Market Whole Foods, South Melbourne Market Mural.

Case Study: Mose & Co. Market Whole Foods, South Melbourne Market Mural.

Case Study - Moses & Co. Market Wholefoods South Melbourne Market Mural.

When: December 2019

Client: Mose & Co. Market Wholefoods

Mission: To create mural artwork that would be original, unique & connect with the stores regular customers & invite new customers into the store from the market.

Scope of Work: The first stage was to paint a mural within the whole foods store that would connect with customers & draw attention to the brand logos & colours that would link back to the online store. 

The second stage was to utilise a dead space wall in a high foot traffic area to encourage market shoppers to enter the whole foods store around the corner. Painting a large scale mural here in Kyle’s memorable & photogenic geometric mandala style to provide the perfect branded backdrop for shoppers to take photos in front of as well as entice shoppers to discover the Market Whole food store around the corner.

Medium: The large-scale art murals were painted over 3 and a half days using brushes and acrylic paints. This ensures minimal space, no mess & no smell. Kyle was able to work around the “market day” schedule and by using acrylic paints without any smell allowed the workers to continue their stocktake while the artwork was being created.

Results: Feedback from the regular shoppers has been overwhelmingly positive! The clients’ loved the artwork, but the real test is if the regulars love it!

With everyone enjoying the new creative & inspiring energy in the store they said it brings new life to the store within the South Melbourne Market.

The results from the exterior mural has seen an increase in foot traffic into the whole foods store and also has allowed the store owners to see photos of the mural under the hashtag South Melbourne Market, that allows them to engage directly with people who have taken photos in front of the mural. This is the ideal result with an increase in the “Real-life” experience shoppers receive when they attend the store as well as the bonus of online promotion and organic attention.

Interested to chat about a mural for your shared space & the benefits art can have for you? Email me HERE - Open to all Australian & International clients! I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world working with a diverse range of clients and creative briefs - so shoot me an email and lets chat if my style of bright, bold, Californian lifestyle art will suit your next project.

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