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Case Study: Dead Mans Finger's Spiced Rum - Australian Launch.

Case Study: Dead Mans Finger's Spiced Rum - Australian Launch.

Case Study - Dead Mans Fingers Australian Launch

When: November, 2019

Client: Magnum & Co. Agency

Mission: To successfully launch Dead Mans Fingers spiced rum products into the Australian market. To use unique & edgy artwork to establish the brand personality and promote the brand moto “giving the finger to the status quo”.

Scope of Work: Paint a temporary mural installation live for Dead Mans Fingers and create a design that captured the brands personality, branding/ logo and bring an edgy and fun vibe to the Launch party for the client. 

Interested to chat about live art, temporary art installations & the benefits art can have for your next event? Email me HERE - Open to all Australian & International clients! I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world working with a diverse range of clients and creative briefs - so shoot me an email and lets chat if my style of bright, bold, Californian lifestyle art will suit your next project.

Medium: Temporary mural installation was provided and artwork was prepped to ensure an engaging live creation for the mural artwork. Mural was painted with acrylic paints & brushes to ensure no-mess, no smell and take up limited space within the venue.

Results: Attendees of the launch could not resist coming up to Kyle to chat about the mural artwork, take selfies with the artwork & their specialty cocktails (mixed with Dead Mans Fingers spiced rum!). Kyle was able to connect with attendees & stakeholders alike by sharing stories behind his artwork, his personal story to becoming a full time, travelling artist and the enjoyment of contributing to the launch party. This was perfect to create a friendly & relaxed environment and ensure all attendees have a great time and get an awesome selfie to share via social media of “the best launch night in Sydney!” 


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