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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

Creative Marketing

The best marketing campaigns are the ones that don't look like marketing campaigns. From sponsored events, brand activations, limited edition products, social media campaigns and guerrilla marketing strategies its all great ways to promote your brand or products - but are your efforts connecting authentically with your audience?
- Sponsored Events/ Brand Activations:  these are great to get in front of your community! BrightSide Art create bold & bright designs from temporary mural artworks, wall murals, to skateboards and painting workshops - people are drawn in by the bright colours & Kyle's positive & engaging personality. See case study with MyBlu here.
Limited Edition Products: turning your products or packaging into limited edition collectables! Great with younger demographics that will happily purchase collectables and keepsakes from their favourite brands! Kyle's art is easily applied as once off, hand painted collectable product/ package artwork great for engaging give aways or social media competitions.
Kyle has expert experience in creating Vector art files that are perfect for printing across products & packaging for limited edition runs and mass market production - helping your products truly stand out on the shelves against those plain and boring packaging from your competitors.
- Social Media Campaigns: Social media is only good because it allows people to share their real life experiences with the online world. 
Brands that can create unique & visually inspiring real life experiences can leverage this through social media campaigns. With Kyle's bright, bold & fun artwork it pulls people in and encourages people to take selfies in front of his artwork. With suitable hashtags this leads to greater online sharing & organic promotion of your brand.
- Guerilla Marketing: As with great social media campaigns, guerrilla marketing works with real life marketing that encourages people to seek out the experience to share with their community online. Its more then posters, billboards and obvious advertisements. Its about creating something authentic, original & purely to connect with your community and give them something exciting to enjoy & share. It has huge long-term benefits as your community see it as coming from an authentic & true space and less about trying to sell to them.
Kyle BrightSide is highly sought after from businesses in all industries, to use his unique style of pop-art combined with youthful surf art, to bring value & visually captivating artwork to creative marketing campaigns. Kyle is always excited to hear about creative campaigns complete this short application to discuss your campaign.