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Case Study - Cal Poly Pomona Mural (California)

Case Study - Cal Poly Pomona Mural (California)

Case Study - Cal Poly Pomona student cafeteria mural.

When: July 2018

Client: State University of California Cal Poly Pomona


Mission: To create artwork that will engage with the student population and bring them joy and encourage them to reflect and enjoy their time at Cal Poly Pomona.


Scope of Work: I created some mandala themed artwork painted directly onto a 20ft wall in their student cafeteria. The theme to encourage students to reflect on their time at Cal Poly Pomona and seek out enjoyment. The secondary brief was to create the mural artwork that would engage with the students in a positive way.


Medium: Mural was painted with acrylic paints & brushes to ensure no-mess, no smell and take up limited space within the venue. I had a strict timeframe to complete the artwork in a single day, so working within these strict time restrictions we were able to create the best outcome to the highest standard.


Results: Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the art mural. With leading staff and stakeholders impressed by the life & energy the artwork adds to the student space.

Students have demonstrated their appreciation for the art mural through numerous selfies being taken in front of the works to share with their social media and friends & family.


This positive testimonial from the Director of Marketing at State University of California:

“We saw Kyle's designs & knew he was right for our project. We reviewed the works of a number of artists & found his style & creativity to be exceptional & rare ... Seeing our students take photos of his work & constantly return to the mural is a testament his art connects with people & can inspire our student community to enjoy their time at Cal Poly Pomona." - Edwin Santiago, Director of Marketing Cal Poly Pomona.

Interested to chat about a mural for your shared space & the benefits art can have for you? Email me HERE - Open to all Australian & International clients! I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world working with a diverse range of clients and creative briefs - so shoot me an email and lets chat if my style of bright, bold, Californian lifestyle art will suit your next project.

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