Skateboard Art Pack
Skateboard Art Pack
Skateboard Art Pack
Skateboard Art Pack

Skateboard Art Pack

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** NOTE: Skateboard Art Packs are available for PRE-ORDER CURRENTLY at a LIMITED SALE PRICE! Please allow up to 2-3 weeks to receive your pack! 

So hands up who would LOVE to paint their own skateboard artwork?

As an artist I cut my teeth on painting up unique & cool skateboard artworks for mates. And because of this I'm always getting asked about where to buy blank skateboards from, what sort of paint markers work best and how to paint up skateboards to look cool with a clear varnish.

So I thought I'd put together EVERYTHING you will need to paint your very own skateboard artwork! This pack is perfect for absolute beginners to the seasoned professional! I've pulled top of the line products that are tried & tested to help get the best results. Ive done the testing, the failing & spent the time & money on all these products - so you can know that they are awesome & not some cheap knock-off.

This Skateboard Art Pack includes:

- 1 x 7ply Canadian Maple deck (8" for the peeps that know!)

- 1 x 8pk of MTN Australia, water based Acrylic paint markers. All the colours & great ability to mix. Each marker is also refillable so you can purchase each colour as you need!

- 1 x 250ml bottle of high gloss clear varnish. Plenty to cover you artwork to protect from the elements & won't yellow with time/ sunlight.

- 1 x Uni Pro quality varnish brush. Smooth & easy application.

- 1 x 75ml Tube of base white acrylic paint. 

- 1 x small sheet of sandpaper.

- Easy step by step instructions on how to prepare, paint & finish your artwork ready to hang or ride.

IMPORTANT: Note these are for decks only! No wheels, trucks, bearings or hardware is included. While they are suitable to skate, I'm not responsible for any injuries you may get should you choose to ride these (so be safe!). 


*Note: Email me HERE for enquiries for large orders for schools or workshops.