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Original: "Relax. Just let Go" Skateboard Artwork


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 original artwork 1 of 1.


From a mini-series inspired by my very own daily affirmations & song lyrics that inspire me, lift me up and get me through/ push me harder!

This skateboard is a bit of a personal reminder that to attract good things, you have to trust in the process. And the best demonstration of Trust is relaxing and letting go of some control to allow the process to do its thing. If you can do this, all you wish to attract will come to you. Because while you hold on too tight to the control you aren't allowing good things to come to you! So the phrase "Relax. Just let go" was a big meditation topic for me and has played a big part in thriving through the past couple of years by allowing things to go through the process and giving things the space they need.

A a great reminder if you are a bit of a control freak like me! Awesome to add to your office, home, man-cave or store/ cafe/ bar. Using more matching colours this board stands out with out the strong contrast between text and background.

8" Skateboard, 7ply Canadian Maple.
Acrylic & aerosol paints.
High gloss finish to protect artwork, for wall art (not recommended to skate this board).

Shipping within Australia $35.