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Original: Polaroid Booty


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Polaroid Booty original artwork: This series combines it all into the perfect collection to blur the lines between high end 7 low-brow. Best described as lowbrow pop-art for the high end collector. Someone who loves high quality, bold artwork. Appreciates the fun from pop-art and the pushed boundaries from lowbrow art. 

An original artwork 1 of 1.
48" x 48" gallery stretched canvas, unframed.
Layered Acrylic paints.

Born from my desire to explore the possible portrait artwork created in a unique & new way that captures the personality of the subject model, without the traditional approach of simply replicating a photograph. I really wanted to use the idea of a "portrait" but not fall into the trap of simply copying images, instead to offer a way to express the personality & vibe from each photo in my own way & create something that still held the bold, unique & pop-art vibe from my previous works.

"I've always been a huge fan of photography. I even invested some time through University to try my hand at taking photos of skateboarders & BMX riders. While I could never quiet bring myself to learning the ins & out's of photoshop, the details of lighting etc, photography has always played a huge part in inspiring me to create my own art. This photo was sent to me by an awesome photographer as one of his favourites & he was stoked to see how I could use his art form, the personality from Millie Summers (the gorgeous model) to create something unique in my style. And I'm so stoked at the results & even more stoked that both Jai & Millie love the finished product as well." - Kyle BrightSide 

PS- You can check out other amazing photography works from Jai here and Millie's modelling work here

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