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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

Wall Decals Product Info

BrightSide Art wall decals are made using a peel and stick, polyester fabric material that can be installed on virtually any flat, clean surface and then removed and reused many times over without leaving any sticky glue residue or damaging your walls. And they are super easy to apply - you won't need any glue or tradies for these!

My Wall Decals are an awesome alternative to a hand painted mural for your kids bedrooms, playrooms or even home offices. Sometimes we want to bring some cool art and designs into our home but original artwork and murals are expensive!

So I created a high quality product with Rad Dads and Sick Mums in mind - specifically because you can purchase from a range of suppliers art prints, posters & wall paper that would suit a baby nursery or a generic spare room. But it's super hard to find cool designs that older kids would be stoked on and enjoy alternative sports & activities like skateboarding, surfing, riding bikes or scooters.

My Wall Decals are perfect for boys or girls that are stoked on skateboarding, surfing, scooters or bikes as well as heaps of other fun things like monsters and astronauts! We've done our best to provide great value for money, excellent customer service and a cool alternative wall art option to K-Mart and generic designs.



  1. Damp soft cloth for cleaning the wall.

  2. Credit card wrapped in a soft cloth to be used as a squeegee (optional).

  3. An extra pair of hands for large decals makes life easier.


The most common areas to apply decals include interior walls, doors and windows. If your decals is going onto a painted interior wall, make sure the wall has been properly primed prior to painting and allow at least 30 days after painting before application. We recommend avoiding walls painted with a Teflon based paint as this may reduce the adhesion of your decal. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

Do NOT use these decals on textured or porous surfaces like brick, cement, concrete, render etc. We suggest that you test the area for a couple of days first. Avoid placement above used fireplaces.

Use a warm, damp cloth or sponge to thoroughly clean the surface before application. Allow to completely dry. Do not use any chemicals or cleaning solutions.


Depending on the size of your decal, it may be helpful to have an extra pair of hands for application.

1) For best results ensure the wall is clean. Use a damp cloth and wipe down the wall and allow to completely dry (you don't need to use any chemicals or cleaners). If the wall is freshly painted, it is advised to wait at least 30 days for the paint to fully dry & settle.

2) Sometimes and extra pair of hands will help to apply the decals! Starting with a corner, gently peel the decal off the backing paper. Don't let the decal touch anywhere other than the wall. Try to avoid the adhesive side from folding over onto itself. If this does happen, just slowly pull apart gently. And don't worry, these decals are super durable so won't rip or tear if they fold onto itself.

3) Gently apply the decal to the wall (lightly!) starting with the top and working your way down - check you are happy with the position of it. If you need to reposition, gently peel back the decal and repeat until you are happy with the position. While these decals are reusable - the more dirt and dust the adhesive side collects the less effective it will be.

4) Once you are stoked with the position start smoothing the decal out with your hands. Its best to start at the centre of the decal and working your way to the edges pushing any air bubbles towards the edge as you go. You might want to use a "squeegee" or a credit card wrapped in a dry soft cloth will also work, to help smooth out. But this isn't required. 

If there are any bubbles or wrinkles present, you can lightly press or smooth them out, or just peel back that area and re-apply. If a bubble re-appears over the next day or two, pressing and lightly rubbing should remove it. Bubbles may continue to occur if oil, dirt, or dust has not been removed properly from the surface.

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR BACKING LINER - It may be required for future storage and transport of your decals. 

These decals are totally removable and reusable. If you wish to remove your decals, carefully peel them from the wall and re-apply to your backing liner. They can be rolled and stored for years to come.