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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

If you make a mistake putting your wall decal up, we will send you another for free.

Made of the highest quality self-adhesive, which won’t leave behind sticky residue or marks.

Easy to put up. No wall damage, removes cleanly.

A family business with the goal of inspiring kids by bringing cool art into their bedrooms!

Room transformations made simple.

All my designs are uniquely hand-drawn, bright, bold and fun, inspired by the surf-n-skate culture to bring some cool art into kids' bedrooms around the world! My mission is to inspire creativity and imagination in the next generation.

Watch as Jemma shares her experience on how simple it is to put up our wall art decal, without needing any tape or nails! The application process only takes minutes and can be done by anyone.

Give your kids' bedrooms a colourful and creative makeover! We do NOT sell cheap, nasty, low-quality vinyl

These are made of the highest quality polyester fabric material

They are 100% reusable

Super safe for your walls and great for rentals!


Nope! Our Wall Decals are NOT made from Vinyl. They are a polyester fabric material that can be installed on virtually any clean, flat surface!
Nope! Our Wall Decals are designed to be removable AND reusable! They use a soft, gummy adhesive that can be peeled off without damaging your walls. They are perfect for rentals!
Yes! Our Wall Decals are super easy to stick up! As simple as peel off the backing paper, and stick up on your wall! For instructions on how to stick up your Decal see below, or watch our installation video click HERE! Our Wall Decals are super durable so even if it folds back onto itself, you can simply pull it apart and keep going!

For some designs it might be easiest to have an extra set of hands to help you. We advise you to take your time and don’t rush to get the best results!
We endeavor to send out orders as quickly as possible! We aim to dispatch all orders within 48hrs. Sometimes there may be a delay in dispatch due to unforeseen circumstances but we will endeavor to notify you if this occurs. Shipping time frames can be found HERE.
We have our Australian first - Free Second Chance Policy (read it here). If you follow all the steps to stick up your new Wall Decal, and make an honest mistake and it isn’t something we can help you fix - we will send you a replacement Decal for free. All we ask is photo of the decal.

We always strive for the best customer service we can provide and this is just one way we can help give you peace of mind with your purchase!
We always advise chatting with your kids and showing them the range of designs before purchasing! So you can get it right the first time - but on the off chance your child would have preferred a different design - we will send you the exchange for FREE! You just need to let us know with 30 days of purchase, ensure your original Decal has not been used and is able to be returned in the original box.

We will arrange a courier to pick up your original decal and ship you your new design at no cost to you.
Probably not. Our Wall Decals are designed for indoor use and work perfectly on clean, flat surfaces. Porous surfaces like bricks, concrete, render or cement don’t allow the Decal to stick and look great over a long period of time.

Likewise the gummy adhesive is designed to be removable, so our Decals may not provide enough stickiness to keep out water and dust if used outdoors or on your caravan.
We wouldn’t recommend it. Our Wall Decals are a thicker polyester fabric material so work perfectly on clean flat surfaces. The curves in the body of your car will mean there will be gaps between the surface and the Decal - this would allow water, dirt and dust in and compromise the adhesive of the Decal.
Unfortunately not. We don’t have any spare backing paper on hand. We recommend keeping your backing paper in the case you may need to remove and store your Wall Decal.

We have had some customers mention they have used baking paper to temporarily remove and store their Wall Decal with success.
Yep! I can definitely do custom Wall Decal designs. I stick to my style of art and if you want a brand new custom design, or a name or alteration made to an existing design please email me at with details of your custom design idea. Please note alterations, custom designs and changes do incur an additional fee.