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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

Creative Services

SO many brands today are trying too hard to appeal to a young, savvy consumer market.  And it shows in their dropping engagement & lack of loyalty amongst customers.  Everyone under 40 knows when they’re being fed something that’s NOT genuine and real.  If you want to appeal to a younger market, you have to give them the real deal.

Kyle BrightSide is an EXPERT on bringing authentic, surf, skate and street culture to brands and products.  “I RE-ENERGIZE BRANDS TO APPEAL TO A YOUNG CONSUMER,  and I do this on par with the best in the world!"

Kyle's highly sought after art style that combines modern surf/ skate culture with impactful pop-art to capture exciting visualisation of that quintessential Californian lifestyle. Kyle works with an exclusive list of clients to:

  • Bring attention to your campaign;
  • Re-energize brands and products to appeal to a younger consumer;
  • Liven up packaging and product launches so that a younger demographic will think it’s cool & be actively engaged;
  • Bring the "cool factor" to your events, activations & sponsored activities.

If you'd like to work with Kyle,  APPLY HERE to discuss your creative project & if we are a good fit to work on your exciting project.