What do you mean "quality"?

Ok ok ok ... I lot of people ramble on about "quality this" and "high quality that". But what does quality mean?

And for me, quality is really a combination of things - all aspects I consider when producing the Wall Art Decals. The materials, the people and the price all make up the quality for me

Wall Art Decals

Firstly, its about the materials. Having trialed a bunch of different options from vinyl decals, fabric decals and of course a thick paper stock for poster options. It was about using the materials that best replicated a hand painted art mural.

So investing in the textured polyester fabric material with a matte finish is what makes these Wall Decals stand out above the cheaper options.

Secondly, its about the people! I worked with an awesome team at a local Melbourne company that produce some amazing work! They love what they do & take great pride in making sure these Decals are excellent & do justice to the artwork I create as well as respect the value I want to pass onto my customers.

I get to drive down the road to see them create the Decals anytime, they run through the process with me & are always excited by new artworks I send them & love to see & hear about all the happy customers as much as I do!

And the other people ... get ready, its corny as! But its you guys, the customers who purchase these Wall Decals & everyone who sends me emails, or messages or comments on social media with thoughts, suggestions and ideas for cool decals or art designs. I love hearing peoples thoughts and ideas for cool artworks so keep your feedback coming!

And finally, its about the price. The reason I chose to turn my artwork into these super uniquer & fun art wall decals was because I had a lot of clients asking about painting up murals for their kids bedrooms. Unfortunately the cost & time to create hand painted murals was outside the budget. So the idea was to be able to offer something that would LOOK and FEEL like a hand painted mural, without the price tag or time needed to create it!

So it's always an important factor to make sure the price is affordable, without needing to sacrifice the above mentioned qualities to ensure that I can get the very best of my artwork out to bedrooms around the world to bring smiles & inspiration to kids everywhere!

So quality is a tough one to demonstrate with you, but I can only promise that I have taken all the steps in my power to ensure these Wall Art Decals are the best that I would want to buy. And if you have any questions at all I'm just an email away! HERE