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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
What do you mean "quality"?

What do you mean "quality"?

Ok, so I know a lot of people ramble on about "quality this" and "high quality that". But what does quality mean? Why pay $199 for my Wall Art Decals when you can find cheap vinyl decals on eBay for $50?

So I thought it would be easiest to do a post about the difference in quality between cheap vinyl decal options and my Wall Art Decals.

  • Firstly, its in the name! Vinyl is great for wrapping cars or doing one-off decals for shop windows. Cheaper to print, but you only get one chance to put it on! I you make a mistake you can't peel off and try again. If you want to move it or need to move house, the vinyl decal won't be coming with you. And when you do peel off it will either pull paint off walls or will leave a sticky glue residue on the wall that will be hard to clean off.

My Wall Art Decals are made using a fabric polyester material, its durable and tear resistant so can fold onto itself and you can still pull it apart and it won't be ruined. They are reusable too! So if you want to move or take to a new house its as simple as peeling off the wall, placing back onto the backing paper and rolling it up again. It won't warp or stretch out of shape and it won't leave behind any glue to clean off the wall.

The bonus with the fabric polyester material is a textured matte finish so it blends with any wall and looks like a hand painted mural or feature wall! Which is super cool effect. Vinyl will have a shine to it, so look glossy and will be obvious it's a vinyl sticker.


  • Secondly, when you pay for my Wall Art Decals you will be getting original and unique artwork and designs! Cheap vinyl decals are mass produced with little creativity in designs and simply taking general silhouettes of images for their vinyl decals. Kids don't often enjoy these and will outgrow them very quickly because they aren't creative or original - put simply, cheaper options are boring for kids! I'm an artist by trade and always adding new artworks and designs to my range of Wall Art Decals and growing up skateboarding and surfing I know trends and what kids into those sports enjoy and think are cool! Because I was one, and still am!


So when you pay a bit extra for my Wall Art Decals you are getting 100% original artwork that is unique and only available through my store, not some mass produced vinyl decal that everyone would have.


  • The next difference between cheap vinyl decals and my Wall Art Decals is each one is locally made right here in Melbourne! I draw all my own artwork in my studio in Murrumbeena or in my house in Chelsea. I then send off the artwork to be printed by a Melbourne company and pick them up personally to inspect each one before sending out to you guys!

Cheap vinyl decals may save you a few bucks - but they are usually imported from China, mass produced in some factory. They are cheaper because they aren't supporting Australian businesses and families.


  • And lastly the reason why I chose to offer my Wall Art Decals isn't to try to compete with cheap vinyl decals. If price point is your only concern I would 100% recommend cheap vinyl decals. I'm not trying to offer an alternative to price point. 

I introduced these Wall Art Decals because of all the calls and emails I would get from kids who really wanted some cool skate and surf themed artwork for their walls - and hand painted murals for a bedroom wall can get very expensive! So being able to offer a selection of cool artworks that skateboarding and surfing kids will love at a price point that is much more affordable than the $2,000 - 3,000 price tag for hand painted murals.

These Wall Art Decals are a great, affordable option instead of a hand painted mural. And now with AfterPay active they can be purchased instantly and paid for over time!



My mission is not to offer the cheapest art out there. If I did that I wouldn't be able to offer quality & exciting artwork that kids actually enjoy! My mission is to be able to bring exciting, creative & unique artwork into kids lives so they can feel inspired and encouraged to be more creative & express themselves in many different ways. I grew up skateboarding and surfing & I know how much of a great influence that has had on me and I simply want to share my art back for kids who also love to skate, surf, ride scooters or BMX or any of those sports.

So quality is always tough one to communicate. And I know not everyone will see the same value in my Wall Art Decals as other do, and that's ok too, we can't please everyone! But if you have any questions at all I'm just an email away! HERE


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