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School Mural Program: St Dominics Primary School

School Mural Program: St Dominics Primary School


Scope: Hands On Workshops with Grade 5/6 Students + Mural on 20m long wall.

Brief: To engage with students and staff to capture the story of the school community through their Pillars of Service, Learning, Prayer and Community. To incorporate local environment and student ideas into the design.

The Project: Kyle had the pleasure of working with the team at St Dominics Primary School to develop an end of year Project for the Grade 5/6 students to participate in in creating a design for a new mural to replace an old mural fading and deteriorating on a prominent wall.

Principal Natalie Kenny had this to say:

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kyle, a seamless process from start to finish… he worked well at incorporating our ideas and creating a story that reflects our community…”

The Program: 

The School Mural Program incorporated a mural along a 21m long stretch of wall plus hands on workshops for 60 students. The design was to share the story of the local environment and community at St Dominics Primary School. I achieved this through using the local native flora and fauna and key elements from students & staff, to create the story of St Dominics Primary School.

The Mana Gum leaves throughout the design, traditionally used in smoking & welcome ceremonies by First Nations people, symbolise the Community.

The other flowers present are the Snowy Daisy Bush and Yellow Bulb one-Lilly - both native Australian plants found in the local environment surrounding the school. Representing connection to the environment.

The native animals present are the Bees - that represent a strong commitment to service & good work ethic.

The Rainbow Lorikeet has a fantastic story about how the birds gained their colour from the rainbow. Symbolising learning and striving to be the best the students can be.

The Magpie is part of the student suggestions as the school has a small family of Magpies that live on the grounds. The Magpie stories are typically connected to compassion and nurturing. Symbolic of the schools role to nurture students.

And finally the cross as the central feature grounds the design and provides a focus point for the colours. Symbolising the schools central Pillar of Prayer and connection to their faith.

The Students that took part in the Project enjoyed having the opportunity to contribute to the mural that, for the Grade 6’s, would be part of a legacy piece they would leave behind for future students to enjoy. Some of the feedback from students included:

“It was awesome having Kyle here to paint this mural! And we got to help paint it, even though I’m not very good at painting Kyle showed me how to make it easy!”

“It’s been fun painting the mural today! It’s cool that we get to leave school next year but know the mural will be here and we can come back and see it and know we helped to paint it”

“Thanks Kyle for letting us help paint this mural! It was lots of fun getting to work together and it looks really cool to show my family that I helped paint it”

Principal Natalie Kenny said the “students had a great time engaging with Kyle, sharing ideas and helping to paint the mural onto the wall. Feedback from teachers, staff and parents has been overwhelmingly positive and the mural has changed the landscape of our school for the better.”

I would highly recommend schools looking to bring some art and colour to their buildings and looking to engage and include your students in the process to work with Kyle for a fantastic result.”

If you are interested in a mural for your school or having my School Mural Program at your school. Please see more information and enquiry form HERE

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