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Rosebud Primary School Mural Project

Rosebud Primary School Mural Project


Rosebud Primary School was the recipient for one of my Creative Sparks Schools Projects, obtaining support from fundraising activities, a local council grant as well as a sponsorship from Flynn & Co Real Estate.

For Creative Sparks Schools Projects I structure the program to engage students so they feel connected to the mural and have a strong sense of pride in their contribution to the school community.

Rosebud Primary School elected to have their Grade 5 students participate in Creative Sparks Schools Projects. This approach allowed the students to see their contribution in their school community throughout their last two years of schooling at Rosebud PS.

The program was run over a number of weeks to deliver a full day of workshops to inspire the students creativity including learning spray paint technics, brainstorming ideas for the mural, collaborating and working as a team to share their ideas and building on their imagination skills to put their ideas into canvas works that were displayed during their mid-year art show.

The mural design was then pieced together from the ideas the Grade 5 students shared to create a collaborative piece that highlighted key aspects of students' educational experience including the popular school camp song "Wombat on a Surfboard", the last Principal who had excellent relationships with students, parents and the Rosebud community, the iconic local wildlife represented by the Port Phillip Stingray found just off Rosebud pier across the road from the school (and also the namesake of the schools new basketball stadium). By completing the mural with the voice from the school committee and including the community values (HEART) the mural adds another layer of reflection for the students to embody the values the school endeavours to share.

My experience in combining elements together allowed me to create a design that reflected the diverse community within the school while also connecting with the local community who see the schools mural on the drive by.

Projects like this have been made possible thanks to our key supporters Dulux Paints, UniPro Equipment, JBL, SIN Eyewear and our fantastic local sponsors Flynn & Co Real Estate.


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