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One for the adults! Beers n Boards!

One for the adults! Beers n Boards!

Yeww! It has finally happened!

So for a while now, I've had grown ups coming up to me asking about adult workshops. Parents picking up their kids, adults at markets or schools events, event people in the street asking "Hey man! Awesome car, do you do anything for adults?" .... and until recently I haven't!


After so many of these chats, I have finally got the right partner to do something awesome! So massive thanks to Jared at BoGurks in Edithvale to partner and bring our community this awesome night to have a few beers, hang out with mates and enjoy getting creative on a skateboard deck!

The night is Tuesday March 21st. At 6:30pm to kick off! You get half a pizza, a pint of lager or Pale Ale with your ticket + BoGurks is doing Happy Hour for us all night on their range of tap beers and selected wines.

Globe has provided us with the quality 7ply Canadian Maple decks to paint plus the best quality paint markers from SurfPaints and Montana Colours.

The night is 100% about having fun together, it's not a formal art class and it doesn't require you to have any artistic skills! Its just about coming along and enjoying trying out some creative stuff and taking home your very own skateboard!

Tickets are super limited! So check out the link to get yours! 

Share around with your mates who would be stoked to paint their own board! And we are super excited to see you there!

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