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Hand painted Mural VS Wall Decals?

Hand painted Mural VS Wall Decals?

So with kids that have big personalities, love to share their passions and get excited by heaps of things - it can be an extra challenge to find ways to personalise their bedrooms so they can feel inspired and enjoy their little sanctuary in their home.


The best two options are: Hand painted murals and of course, Wall Decals! But what’s the difference between them and which is the best option for you & your kids? Well, let's break them both down for you!


First up, hand painted murals.

These are an amazing option!

  • they can be super personalised with your kids name, favourite hobbies or animals or dinosaurs. Your imagination is  the only limiting factor!
  • They can be as big as the wall itself & cover big areas of walls to really change the vibe and atmosphere of a room. Whether it’s into a tropical rainforest with dinosaurs roaming around or into a chilled beach scene with waves & palm trees.
  • and the biggest thing is they are 100% unique and special for your kid. You will struggle to find anyone else with the same mural in their bedroom that’s for sure!
  • A bonus tip, if I’m painting a mural for a kids bedroom there is 100% the option to have your kid help paint the mural so they can contribute to their own wall art in their bedroom!


The down side of hand painted murals:

  • There are some down sides to hand painted murals, the first is expense. Obviously anything custom & hand made is more expensive and murals are no different. Cost can range from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on wall size, details and your location.
  • Murals are permanent. In respect that if you are renting, you will most likely have to paint over the mural before you move out.
  • Limited flexibility, as your kid grows up their interests can change. Changing a hand painted mural can be expensive process!


Now for Wall Decals:

  • Great value for money! You can get a range of designs, sizes & styles to suit your kids room and their passions. If they love skateboarding, surfing & bright bold designs you will definitely find something your kids will love in my range of Wall Decals (check them out HERE!
  • Reusable and removable. They are great for rentals or if you don’t want to damage your walls! Made locally in Melbourne from a polyester fabric material my Wall Decals can be moved or relocated if you need to move house or simply rearranging your kids bedroom and want to move the decal to another wall.
  • They won’t damage your walls! Unlike cheaper vinyl options, my Wall Decals won’t damage your walls or leave behind a dirty glue residue when you need to remove them. Making them a great options for rentals!
      • Bonus tip: if you keep the backing paper your Decal comes with, when moving you can reuse the backing paper to protect your decal while in storage or transit. So the adhesive is strong & ready to go at your new home!
  • Durable & tear resistant. Unlike cheaper vinyl options my Wall Decals won’t rip or crinkle if you need to reposition them on your wall. Meaning its a lot easier to put them up on your wall and get the positioning right!


Now, like everything there are some limitations:

  • While far cheaper than a hand painted mural - My Wall Decals are focused on quality and design meaning they are a bit more expensive than a cheaper vinyl decal. If price is your biggest factor over design or quality there are lots of options on eBay for vinyl stickers that might tick your boxes.
  • Limited customisable options. While each Wall Decal design is hand drawn by myself right here in Melbourne there are limited customisable options available. Adding things such as names is possible at additional costs. Customisable options are more limited than with a hand painted mural.


So all up, both hand painted murals and Wall Decals are an awesome way to bring a new world into your kids bedroom that inspires them & shares their passions!

It’s just a matter of looking at what you really need & want for your kids room - if its uniqueness and super custom option & permanency is not a concern a hand painted mural will be an awesome option for you!


If you are renting or want the flexibility to move the art around. Or even just grow and add to your kids room as their interests evolve and develop. Or if price is a bigger factor for you then our Wall Decals will be your best option to get what you need!


You can see the full range of our Wall Decals right HERE.


Or if you’d like to chat about a hand painted mural for your kids bedroom, your backyard or maybe you think your school would love a hand painted mural then reach out via our contact us page HERE.

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