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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!


So we have had this new policy up and running for a bit over a month now. And I think its a great time to share a bit about why we wanted to create this policy (an Australian first policy by the way!).

So firstly, you all know we have our core values which are:

  • Offer great value for money,
  • Provide the best customer service we possibly can, and
  • Quality absolutely matters!

And with everything we do we want to have these values in the forefront of our minds. So we had a customer reach out and explain how they had followed our "How To" instructions, watched our video and read through all our tips, and still by bad luck had managed to ruin their new Wall Decal before they had a chance to really enjoy it!

And we felt for them, truly, because nothing sucks more then making a mistake with a new purchase and you don't get to enjoy it! So we offered them some extra pointers and sent out a replacement for free. Because if the roles were reversed, I'd totally hope a business would do the same for me.

But this interaction gave us. some insight - firstly, while these Wall Decals are super easy to stick up, durable & top quality - mistakes outside our control can happen! And secondly, we didn't want our customers to have to worry about that when they purchased from us.

So we came up with our Free Second Chance Policy! It's pretty simple really, if you've cleaned your wall before use, and you've follow our instructions and watched our How To video. And done everything you can to ensure you stick your new Wall Decal up correctly - and something happens, a mistake or whatever and your new Wall Decal is ruined. Like un-usable, un-saveable and basically can't be enjoyed anymore - let us know via email within 30 Days, send us a photo and let us know what went wrong - and we will send you a replacement for free. Same size, same design, we will even cover the extra postage!

The whole idea is to give our customers peace of mind when they order from us. And our customers feel supported through their experience with us. It gives us the opportunity to live up to our values, and hopefully our customers keep referring their friends, coming back for more and share their experience with us!

As with all policies we do have some T&C's which you can read about HERE

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