How can you inspire creativity & innovation?

My favourite email or message to receive is always from people who share their story about being inspired to be creative, think differently and try new things after seeing my art & connecting to my message.

It’s so critical these days, specially with businesses & people in the corporate environment, to maintain a connection to their creativity – so they can think laterally and innovate quickly & create solutions. Some of the big businesses I’ve seen love to TALK about innovation – but is the office environment your staff work in, truly encouraging for innovation & creative thinking?

Well, this is where artwork is key for how to add value to the office environment. The right artwork will inspire creative thinking, spark new ideas and help your staff innovate with new ideas & solutions. By using professional artists who know how to create art that wil connect with your staff, showcase your values – the simple act of HAVING this artwork created and displayed on your office walls will inspire creative thinking and lead to your staff feeling encouraged to innovate more.

Your staff don’t need corporate art prints, or cheap vinyl decals listing your values or branding to inspire them. They need to see that your company puts value behind creativity, invests in artwork to share the vision & add to the environment for their benefit. This action, and investment in encouraging creative thinking will inspire your staff and result in creative solutions, innovation and passion coming out through their work.

Stay Rad & make your team feel rad!

PS: Here is a mural I was commissioned to paint for the State University of California (Cal Poly Poma). The brief to inspire unity, connection & creativity amongst the student population.